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Welcome to LocIt REST API services documentation

LocIt API ecosystem is designed to bring you tools & external data related to location and geoprocessing. LocIt gives you direct access to a database describing over 8.5 m Polish address-points as well as to convenient tools that can make your website more intelligent and responsive where it comes to customer registration forms or user management.

To get an API key please contact info [at] datawise.pl.

There are four types of services that you can test on this site:
  • geocoding and customer data cleansing tools - useful for more responsive address forms or assuring data quality,
  • data API's - endpoints giving access to data about adresses, micr-markets or neighbourhoods,
  • geoprocessing tools - specific types od geographic calculations,
  • technical API's.
Click the link below to access technical documentation of each method and instantly test-and-try the functionality. You can also use the drop-down list in the top-right corner of the screen for navigation.

Geocoding and customer data cleansing tools
Address cleansing and geocoding (Polish adresses) Parse, standardise, format and geocode Polish addresses real-time or in a batch process. Assure data quality in your CRM system. See and try
Global address geocoding Geocode any address using HERE Maps database See and try
Address autocompleter / autosuggester Give your customers a quick option to enter addresses during registration or check-out at the same assuring data quality. See and try
Enhancement of Polish company data Enter any of the company identifiers (NIP, KRS, REGON) and get full company data. See and try
Phone numbers parsing and formatting Clean, format, parse strings containing phone numbers See and try
Company name parsing Clean, format, parse strings containing company names See and try
Polish company ID verification (NIP, Regon, KRS) Check the validity of multiple company identifiers used in Poland See and try
Data API's
Catchment data Return statistical data describing a catchment zone See and try
Building description Return statistical data about each building in Poland See and try
Spatial query - address-points Show address-points on a dynamic map (bounding box selection) See and try
Spatial query - points of interest Show various types of POI on a dynamic map (banks, pharmacies, stores, bus-stops) See and try
Geoprocessing Tools
Catchment area calculation Calculate the boundaries of a catchement zone using various algorithms (drivetime, pedestrian etc.) See and try
Technical API
API key introspection Get information about your API key (number of credits, key validity etc.) See and try